What do I need to buy a rifle or a shotgun from you?
Tennessee residency;
Not less than 18 years of age; an unexpired driver’s license or state identification card;
All buyers will be required to complete a federal form 4473; many will need to pass a NICS background check.
You will, of course, need cash, credit card or, a check (with management approval).

I found a lower price at another store. Will you match it?
We will attempt to match prices on NEW guns only for identical packages, as long as it is a published, advertised price from a real bona fide store. We will not match prices on hearsay, used guns, expired advertising or from stores that seem to have real good deals on guns they never have in stock.

Can I make a purchase and have it shipped C.O.D.?
We do not ship C.O.D.

Do you finance firearms purchases?
We offer an in-store layaway plan on all guns except for allocated, hard to get, firearms or consignment firearms requiring 30% down and with prior arrangments for paying the balance. If the merchandise is not fully paid for and called for within the scope of the agreed upon arrangements, it will be returned to stock unless modified arrangements are made.
We also offer positive accounts (store credits) where you deposit money into your account until you have a balance sufficient to buy any guy you want.
If neither of these are of interest to you we do have arrangements with a third party financing company. Contact us for details.

Can you run a background check on me?
Only during the process of selling you a gun.

Do you have more than one location?
No. The store was originally opened, in 2011 in it’s present location.

Do you offer any training, such as for the Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit?
Not at the present time but we will when the range is built

Say, speaking of concealed carry – do you know what states allow it, and so forth?
You can find that information in many places.  The NRA seems to stay the most current . See this map on their site for detailed state laws and maps.

What about the Tennessee carry license – is it any good anywhere else?
Sure – see this map (more info as above).

Do you carry pellet guns?
Yes, some. Mostly by special order.

Do you have a gunsmith that works on pellet guns?
Yes. Select days and times.

Do you carry infra-red equipment?
Yes, by special order only.

Do you carry leather holsters?
Very few; but we can order them for you.

Do you sell pepper spray?
Yes, we normally have some on hand.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes and GREAT discounts to LE and Military personnel with valid, active ID.

Do you have a shooting range?
We have plans and are in the process of building a range, but it’s about two years down the road.

Do you sell bulk ammunition?
Yes, Many calibers, mostly military surplus.

I am 16 years old and want to buy a hunting shotgun. Can I do that ?
No, You must be 18 years or older to purchase a shotgun or rifle, including ammunition. All of our products are intended for adult use only or under adult supervision, so an adult must make the purchase.

What do I need to buy a handgun from you?
Tennessee residency;
Not less than 21 years of age; an unexpired driver’s license or state identification card; and, as with long guns, cash, credit card or, a check (with management approval).

What if I am not a citizen but I am a Resident Alien?
In general, buyers need to be citizens – except for Resident Aliens (Green Card holders). If you are a Resident Alien, we can sell you a gun if in addition to that listed above, you provide documentary evidence that you have been a resident for the last 90 days.
Acceptable evidence includes documents such as utility bills or leases, and must contain the buyer’s name and the address shown on the buyer’s photo ID; these documents should also be dated within the last 90 days and cover the entire 90-day period.

Do you guys work on commission?
Nope – we are much more helpful on straight wages.

May I sell my gun to a third party, while I am in the shop?
Nope – not even in the parking lot. There are legal inferences that can be drawn and we simply will not allow behavior that encourages these. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I see that ordinary citizens can own automatic weapons in Tennessee – do you sell machine guns or assault rifles ?

Is there a waiting period for the purchase of firearms?
There is no waiting period in Tennessee, but there is a background check which involves your filling out a form. A photo ID with your current address is required. If you are a Tennessee resident, the photo ID must be a Tennessee-issued ID. If you have changed your address but not on your photo ID, you can do so online with the state at www.tennessee.gov.

May I bring my gun into the store? I want to make sure the (holster/clip/whatever) I need will fit?
Sure: if you don’t point it at us, we won’t shoot you. In fact, if you need a magazine, we’d rather you did bring the gun in.

Do you do trades/trade-ins?
The short answer is Yes.
We will offer you a wholesale price for your gun. If the gun for which you want to trade is priced higher than that, you will need to make up the difference with cash or a credit card.

Do you do appraisals?
Yes; if you don’t need a written copy, we can be downright reasonable about the cost. We normally appraise at retail value. If you then want to sell the gun to us, we will quote its wholesale value.

I need some work done on my gun – can you tell me what it will cost?
In many common cases, yes, we can. In cases of uncommon repairs, we may refer to examples of similar jobs we have done in the past. In ANY event, when we say we are giving an estimate, we are using “estimate” in the generic sense of “calculated or informed guess”: our estimates are not promises, only courtesies. There is a $10 minimum fee to asses weapon if disassembly is required to accurately determine the extent of repairs needed.

Do you have parts?
Yes; we repair a wide variety of problems in a wide variety of guns, and we often have all parts needed on hand; when we don’t, we order them. Parts orders and parts sales that are not connected to work done by us are not possible.

Do you have clips?
Yes, and magazines, too – but only for a limited variety of guns. If you bring us the gun, we may be able to find the magazine that fits. Without the gun, identifying the magazine becomes virtually impossible. Special orders may be possible.

What is the difference between a clip and a magazine?
A clip is different from a magazine and the terms are not interchangeable. Using “clip” when one means “magazine” is like saying “tires” you actually mean “wheels.” Magazine technically refers to a box, drum or tube with a spring inside to help feed the rounds. Most detachable magazines can be removed and replaced with a full one to reload the weapon. The ammo “clip” was introduced by Mannlicher in 1885 and provided a way to charge the magazine in the action. This type of “clip” also forms an integral part of the firearm’s mechanism. If the rounds are not held in the “clip,” the gun cannot proceed through the normal cycle of: Chamber, Fire, Extract, Eject. Using the terms interchangeably marks the speaker as a hopeless newbie.

Do you sell knives or other cutlery?
YES, a limited selection. Mostly Military or Boy Scout oriented.

Do you set up at any of the gun shows?
No, not a the present time.

Do you sell hunting and fishing licenses?
Sorry, no, not at the moment. Check back because it is on our to-do list.

Do you sell police duty gear?
Nope. Sorry.

Do you sell or service archery equipment?
None at all.

Why do I need a gun? I got a baseball bat, a taser and I take karate?
Statistically speaking, you probably won’t ever need a gun. But you came to us? Seriously, if you’re attacked by someone who doesn’t care if you live or die – do you really want to get inside knife or taser-range? Of course, if your attacker isn’t trying to kill you, a gun will only get you into trouble.

Depending upon how busy we are, we will do our best to answer your questions – but many questions about any gun or gun problem you may have are EXTREMELY hard, if not impossible, to answer unless we have the gun in front of us

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