About Us


At Rocky Top Armory patrons can buy, sale, or trade hand guns, long guns, shotguns and air guns. They stock bulk ammo, specialty ammo, reloading supplies, optics, holsters, slings, and cleaning supplies. Additionally, they offer gun repair services and also have an on-site leather repair station for the repairing of leather accouterments.

Rocky Top Armory carries brands like Glock, Sig Saur, Walther, Tarus, Springfield, S&W, Ruger, Para, NAA, Mossberg, Kel Tec, FNH, CZ, Colt, Charter Arms, Bushmaster, Browning, Bond Arms, Bersa, Beretta, ATI, Winchester, Browning and many others.


One of the most unique aspects of Rocky Top Armory is that customers can build a custom tactical rifle on site. Patrons are encouraged to come in the store and pick from all the available options, and Chris will assemble and accurise the rifle to personal specifications. Chris will then take it to the range, sight in, and run through paces to be sure it performs to satisfaction.



Another unique and very interesting sight at Rocky Top Armory is it’s museum. They have WWI, WWII and Korean War display right in the store.

Rocky Top Armory, LLC is located at 10924 Chapman Highway next to and behind the Seymour U.S. Cellular store. For more information please call Rocky Top Armory at 865-573-7924.

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